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Glee: A biting comedy for the underdog in all of us.

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The first LJ community for the television show Glee
It is a very optimistic, uplifting show for a very dark time.
Welcome to gleeclub, the most updated and active community dedicated to the new Fox show Glee. Feel free to join and post! Please place all spoilers and large images behind a cut. BE SURE TO CHECK THE TAGS BEFORE POSTING.


Posting - Please use the default font size and color in your posts.

Long articles/interviews should be cut for length. One embedded video per post outside of a cut. Additional videos and autoplay videos should be placed behind a cut.

Also, please TAG your entries and be sure to check past entries before posting. Always link to (or state) your sources!

Image/video size - All videos and images over 500px should be placed under a cut.

Posts and comments with download links to music/episodes are prohibited. This goes for unofficial episode streaming sites. Please support our new $3 million an episode show any way you can by purchasing the tracks and episodes off of iTunes. You can stream episodes on Hulu and Fox on Demand.

Personal Attacks/Rude Comments - Please be respectful of your fellow gleeclub members. Personal attacks and rude comments will not be tolerated. If an issue arises, feel free to contact the mods via the PAGE-A-MOD POST.

Spoiler Policy - Any images, interviews, videos, or articles that contain spoilers (including song titles) for future unaired episodes must be under a cut. Anything that hasn't been shown in a promo video for the next episode and would spoil any plot or major events of future episodes should be behind a cut. Please keep spoilers from the most recent episode under a cut for 24 hours. Wait 24 hours before using major spoiler icons from the most recent episode.

Fan works (graphics, fic, fanvids, etc) - As of 4/21/10, all fic and graphics will have their own weekly posts. Any other fic and graphic posts will be rejected. Read the mod statement here. The graphics post will be up on Thursdays and the fic post will be up on Fridays. Please read our spoiler policy above.

Gifs, fanart, picspams, wallpapers, mood themes & other media may be posted here. Multiple videos and large graphics must be posted under a LJ-cut but preview thumbnails/banners under 500px are acceptable. You must have at least 10 icons related to Glee in order to post, and please only post 3 teasers.

Requests/Community Promotion - Comment the PAGE-A-MOD POST with any community promotions, memes, contests, or requests you want the community to see.
PAGE-A-MOD POST: For those looking to contact a mod, affiliate, leave suggestions, etc.
GLEE LINKS: A list of Glee-related links.

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